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Uganda's Calling

Will you answer?

Uganda Calling
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DISCLAIMER:This community is going to CHANGE LIVES, so don't you dare join expecting to experience a load of passiveness. We're active OUT THE WAZOO, and that is what is expected from you.
If you've stuck through this much, I think you're ready to be introduced to the Uganda Calling Project.
We've gathered together several small out reach programs that are based in Uganda. We work with them by taking their information, and compiling it all together into a packet of information. When a member of our organization wants to sponsor a project at their school, we send them the packet of information. They will see all the different organizations, and what types of projects these organizations have. When they choose one, we set up an account for the fundraising money to be sent to. The school or youth group raises money, and sends that money in to their account. Once their goal is completed, we send the money to the organization that the group picked.
At the end of each completion of a project, the organization will send follow-up information on what the money that was raised went to. Make sense? good. if not, please please please email me (emily!) with any questions.

Answer the call.

Answer the call.
Think they're pretty? So did I.
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Be sure to comment with anything that you find or create that could be used. I'll add it here.

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Log on and search "Uganda Calling", join in and spread the word.

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Kay, Folks, this is how it is. I'm still working out the tiny details, but UGANDA CALLING is alive and beating to the sound of the hearts of thousands of children who are suffering more than any child deserves.
We are open to UNITING with ANYONE who sees this as a worth cause, and will speak up for those put in silence.

Will you answer?

Introduction Post.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT POST ANY INTRODUCTORY POSTS. We're working on getting Uganda Calling to be effiect and organized (hah!) and it's been proven by many a scientifical studies within el jay land that introductory posts EAT THE INFORMATION IN THE JOURNAL. No, but really. Things get lost and it's just complicated and no fun. Now. Does this mean that I have very little interest in getting to know you? No, no, no, and NO. I'm all about getting to know you.

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