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15 June 2009 @ 05:01 pm
Help Books for Africa ship donated children's books all over Africa for free!  
Books for Africa is the largest of a few organizations shipping donated and recycled good-condition books/computers to various African countries. I believe Uganda is one of the places receiving supplies. Leaders from various organizations and charities endorse and have served on the board of Books for Africa - and they believe education holds great power to transform local economies worldwide. The books are free/low cost and recycled usually, but shipping still takes quite a bit of cash.

Books for Africa is online here: http://www.booksforafrica.org/index.html

One free way you can support Books for Africa is by joining the new website http://www.everywun.com - easy and free to log in and join, no spam or advertising as far as I can tell. You can earn points by placing small classy badges on your Facebook or other websites, by answering scientific, environmental, cultural and other trivia questions, or by signing up for a newsletter which features ideas, other sites, and action steps to help the environment or other causes.

The points can then be donated, on this advertiser-supported site, to causes such as world hunger, education, tree planting, etc - and the site clearly explains which groups will benefit, and by how much, and for what purposes, each time a user donates points. Books for Africa is one of the groups supported by Everywun.com and the designated education-related charity - every time you click to give a book to a child, advertisers give cash to help Books for Africa ship more books and computers!

The site is a project of a software guru colleague of mine, Dan, who actually still personally reads and produces the newsletter entries as they come out three times a week.

You may sign up for Everywun with this link: http://www.everywun.com/signup?i=1551891

I will receive credit redeemable for good causes if you mention my name and email (Cristina Deptula/cedeptula@sbcglobal.net) when you join.