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07 October 2008 @ 05:37 pm
Short fiction and art auction for Invisible Children  
I so wish I had seen this sooner, but the aspiring artists' auction site Sweet Charity, which normally organizes auctions to benefit RAINN and sexual assault survivors, took on Invisible Children for their fall charity.

Unfortunately the auction ended on October 4th, but I'd still encourage people here to write and thank them for choosing Invisible Children (http://www.sweet-charity.net) and/or to create a profile on the site and sign up as a pinch hitter (someone who creates art or writes stories in the event that someone wins an auction item and the person forgets to or somehow can't send the artistic product.) There's a whole list of people looking for pinch hitters to provide a variety of items.

These online events can raise tens of thousands of dollars and it's wonderful that the funding's going to rebuilding Uganda!